Welcome to the University Medical Center of the Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz


The University Medical Center Mainz is located in the center of Mainz, a major city in the metropolitan Rhine-Main Region. For our international patients this is very convenient, since we are only half an hour away from Frankfurt Airport.

The University Medical Center Mainz offers patients the entire medical spectrum of a center of supramaximal care. Furthermore, our medical departments do not only provide medical treatment, we are also an advanced research center and a well-established institution of medical education.

All our patients receive the best healthcare through the implementation of the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic methods, based on our knowledge from continuous medical training and research. Working together in exemplary interdisciplinary fashion, Mainz University Medical Center comprises more than fifty medical departments, institutes and divisions.

The University Medical Center Mainz operates over 1,500 hospital beds. Every year, almost 70,000 patients are treated on an inpatient basis, and approx. 280,000 patients visit our specialized outpatient clinics, both from Germany and from abroad. More than 1,200 doctors and 2.900 nurses look after the health, recovery, and general wellbeing of our patients.

We implement highly professional and well-established procedures, while keeping the patient a fully responsible partner in all healthcare processes. By applying our scientific knowledge and long-standing experience in medical healthcare, we are always keen to help patients in the best possible way – according to our motto:

Our Expertise for Your Health!