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Fachveranstaltung MSU Seminar Series: "Non-enzymatic Ras Effectors in Cancer"

Veranstalter: Molecular Signaling Unit at the FZI


    Prof. Mahalingam is heading the National Cancer Tissue Biobank in India and is well acknowledged for his contributions towards HIV and tumor biology research. IIT chennai is the top notch institution for engineering in India. This particular institution was installed with assistance from Germany based on the first Indo-German agreement signed in 1959. Please read the interesting history on the origins and the long ties in the link below

    More information on Prof. Mahalingam's work can be found under:

    Prof. Mahalingam will arrive early on the 22nd and stay with us for the whole day. His aim is also to further strengthen ties between IIT and German institutions. In case you are interested in a personal meeting, please contact Dr. Inga Melzer at

    We hope to see many of you on Thursday, especially the young researchers and students. Make use of this unique opportunity and join us for the talk and disscussion afterwards!


Datum Thursday 22. September 2016
Uhrzeit 17:30 Uhr

Building 708, Seminar Room 2


Prof. Dr. S. Mahalingam

Indian Institute of Technology


Department of Biotechnology

Chennai, India

Fortbildungspunkte 0,1 CP TransMed

Dr. Inga Maria Melzer
Scientific Administrator
AG Rajalingam
Institute for Immunology
Building 708
Tel. +49 6131 17 8039

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