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Fachveranstaltung Seminar in Translational Oncology: "The immune biology of microsatellite instability cancer: Towards a vaccine against HNPCC"

Veranstalter: TRON - Translational Oncology

    Magnus von Knebel Doeberitz is Professor of Molecular Oncology and Medical Director of the Department of Applied Tumor Biology, Institute of Pathology of the University of Heidelberg. He is also head of the Clinical Cooperation Unit G105 of the German Cancer Research Center and is affiliated with the Molecular Medicine Partner Unit of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL). His major scientific interests relate to mechanisms of human carcinogenesis by papillomaviruses and DNA mismatch repair deficiency, the identification of novel diagnostic markers and potential therapeutic targets as well as their clinical validation and translation into routine medical care. His current major activities are focussed on the clinical validation of two novel cancer vaccines.


    Prof. von Knebel Doeberitz received his academic education from the medical schools of Ghent in Belgium, Hamburg, Freiburg, and Kiel in Germany, and from Penn State University, USA. He spent his post doc at the Department of Applied Tumour Virology at the German Cancer Research Center in the group of Nobel laureate Harald zur Hausen. He then served as Professor of Molecular Oncology and Head of the Section of Molecular Diagnostics and Therapy in the Department of Surgery, University of Heidelberg. 2001 he was appointed as Medical Director of the Department of Applied Tumour Biology at the Institute of Pathology, University of Heidelberg.


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    Keywords: HPV-associated cancers, DNA mismatch repair deficient cancers, tumor immunology


Datum Thursday 17. November 2016
Uhrzeit 17:15 Uhr

Building 708, Big Lecture Hall


Magnus von Knebel Doeberitz, MD

University of Heidelberg

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