If you wish or need an interpreter or supporting interpreter*, we will be happy to assist you.

All Russian and Arabic interpreters and supporting interpreters we arrange for have successfully completed our clinic's own accreditation program. This ensures that you will be served by interpreters who have experience in accompanying patients - before, during and after treatment. They are linguistically competent and have cross-cultural experience that also enables to mediate in difficult situations. All accredited interpreters are also familiar with the procedures and conditions at our University Medical Center Mainz.

Please express your wish for assistance as early as possible. We can request interpreters at short notice, but cannot guarantee free capacities. If you feel more comfortable with a female or male interpreter, you can let us know.

All interpreters are working freelance and are hired by the patients themselves. This means that agreements and the billing for services are between the interpreter and the patient and not in the responsibility of our University Medical Center Mainz.

 *Supporting interpreters also offer services that go beyond interpreting if required. This could be accompanying patients on visits to the authorities and organizing transport, accommodation, excursions, translations, etc.